New update Axel firmware

Axel firmware update uk

Axel’s newest firmware 1626a offers new features and improvements. In this blog we describe the latest firmware update.

Active Directory Login

It is now possible to restrict access to the thin client by setting ‘Logon AD’. The user must first enter a password to access the local client’s desktop.

The benefits of this configuration are:

  • The user can change or set a password if the security policy requires this.
  • AD-ID can now be used to connect to RDS/TSE or Citrix sessions (Single Sign On).
  • The thin client can be locked using a password.

Citrix StoreFront

There are also improvements in Citrix StoreFront implemented, these are:

  • Selecting a specific store from the StoreFront server (previously only the first store was available).
  • Supporting ‘anonymous’ login.


Improvements in RDS/TSE include:

  • The addition of a new RemoteFX codec (applies only to the M90) significantly reduces the bandwidth because some images can be shown in multiple steps. This codec will be useful in situations where a user experiences different performance when comparing LAN and WAN connected terminals, that is where the WAN is a bottleneck.
  • From 2012R2, the RDP server can dynamically evaluate network features (low bandwidth and average RTT). This feature is now supported on the thin client.
  • A session configured for NLA can now connect to a server that does not support this protocol (Windows 2003).

Remote management

Additional administrator enhancements are:

  • The SSL protocol can be used to protect XML administration.
  • Remote management can be customized (activation / deactivation of RSH and XML protocols).
  • The message function offers a new option.

And also…

  • When starting a new session in RDS/TSE and Citrix, the previous session is stored in the cache memory. This enables you to restore the previous graphics session (RDS and Citrix) without requiring a server renewal.
  • For compatibility, USB 1.1 can be forced for devices that can’t detect automatically.

Would you like to receive the update?

Download the new firmwere here.

User’s Manual M90
Setting-up under Windows, Unix/Linux, OS/400 and OS/390.

User’s Manual M80 & M85
Setting-up under Windows,  Unix/Linux, OS/400 and OS/390.