Bo-Rent: Axel can do it all

Bo-Rent verhuur Axel

For All IT is not only Axel distributor in the Benelux but also for Scandinavia. Which means that Axel is increasing international awareness. We would like to show how the Axel Ultra thin clients are applied to our customers in various industries.

Our customer Bo-Rent is central in this blog. Bo-Rent operates in the rental industry.

Background Bo-Rent

The Bo-Mij Group, of which Bo-Rent is the most well-known division, began in 1974 as a modest iron store at the Nieuwe Keizersgracht in Amsterdam. The Bo-Mij group has become a company with a huge range of products and services and is expanded up to five divisions.The other divisions include Bo-Rent are Car Rental, Bo-Rent Self Storage, Bo- Rent Skytrain Liftwork and Bo-Mij wholesale.

As mentioned, Bo-Rent is the best known. With 60 locations and a good national coverage Bo-Rent literally hires everything for the construction industry like construction-related equipment, security equipment, accessories and means of transport.

Thomas de Jong, IT Manager at Bo-Rent, explains how they use the Axel Ultra thin clients within the organization and why they have chosen for the Axel Ultra thin client.

Axel, the all-rounder inside our organization

We use the Axel Ultra thin client within our entire organization. Not only Bo-Rent (rental) and Bo-Mij (sale) but also in the cash register systems of garden centrum Overvecht. In addition, all our financial administrations work with the Axel Ultra thin client in our national ERP package.

Proven quality

We are using the Axel Ultra thin client for decades now. The proven quality is a great motivation for us not to switch to another brand. In addition, prices are more than good compared to competitors.

Easy management and robust

The Axel Ultra thin clients are easy to configure and easy in central management. The Axel can handle dusty environments perfectly because it has no moveable parts. It’s not surprising that we still use Axels which are over 15 years old!

Software management has never been so simple

Due to our simple telnet usage, we have hardly challenges. However, a few years ago we have been pointed at the central management software of Axel. This has made it easier for us to configure and manage and saves a lot of time. If necessary, we can also login at the end user.

Recommend Axel?

Absolutely! The Axel terminals are well priced, build to last and need almost no maintenance.

Do you want to use the Axel Ultra thin client like Bo-Rent? Then ask here for your 30-day free demo or request a quote immediately.