Axel Ultra thin client implemented at Bertus Distribution

Axel Ultra thin client - Bertus

For All IT is not only Axel distributor in the Benelux, but also for Scandinavia. That means Axel is increasing international awareness. We would like to show how Axel Ultra thin clients are used by our customers in various industries. In this blog we will give you a look at our client ‘Bertus Groothandel en Distributie B.V.’ They are active in the music business. Tjalling Soldaat, System Administrator at Bertus, explains how they use our Axel Ultra thin clients within the organization and why they have chosen for the Axel Ultra thin client.

Background Bertus Distribution

Tjalling: “Bertus Groothandel en Distributie B.V. was founded in 1971. 45 years later Bertus has grown into one of the world’s leading companies in the music business. Nowadays, many customers from all over the world are familiar with Bertus and use our special facilities on a daily basis. Bertus’ exclusive software program (BASplus) provides real-time tools to place orders through the Bertus website, to check backorders and packing lists, to discover new releases, special offers, campaigns and to read important messages on the bulletin board. Bertus processes and ships all their products from their warehouse in Capelle aan den IJssel.”

Axel the link between the ERP CRM Package

“We have developed a proprietary ERP / CRM package which is largely used by a text-based user interface (TUI). In our warehouse we have substations where employees handle goods and perform other operations. Axel Ultra thin client (model M80) is used in all of those substations.”

Warenhuis Axel - Bertus

Why we chose Axel Ultra thin client

“In the past we used PCs which were provided with MS-DOS Kermit. These computers were large, costly, susceptible to interference and energy inefficient. We had to replace our PCs because of the age and lack of USB ports. We are now use a terminal-based ERP system. A PC is therefore not a good choice because there is no local computing power required. So a Ultra thin client was the best option. Axel Ultra thin clients were financially attractive compared to other brands. After a trial period, they appeared to fit very good with our technical requirements.”

What makes the Axel just as appropriate for your industry?

“The work in our warehouse consist largely of distributing goods based on the barcode of the product. Axel Ultra thin clients are all equipped with a flat screen monitor, a keyboard and a barcode scanner. These workstations are active all day in a troubled environment. Because Axel Ultra thin clients have no moving parts they are very reliable in the long term. They do not wear out quickly and therefore require little or no maintenance. The low power consumption of the Axel Ultra thin client and a TFT monitor was a big improvement compared to the old setup, an Intel PC with a CRT monitor. ”

Bertus warenhuis

Axel the right solution to our challenges.

“Even though our ERP system is a modern system, accessing the application is mainly through “Old” techniques. We are using Axel thin client as a terminal where the underlying technology we use has not been changed for years. The peripherals and transportation techniques though have been further developed. Think of USB ports and the speeds and protocols of networks. Axel thin client is an example of good support of vintage techniques with a modern twist.”

Recommend Axel?

“Yes! Because of its reliability, price and technical support. We have only needed technical support once related to a question about automatic login. That question was quickly answered and immediately gave the correct solution. But that is more of a plus for For All IT. ”

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