Axel Remote Management (AxRM v4.4) now available

Axel Remote Management (AxRM v4)

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AXEL announced on November 14th, 2019 that the Axel Remote Management AxRM software has been updated. This latest version is 4.4 19278 and available on the AXEL website.

If you prefer to receive the update via For All IT, please send a message to

AxRM version 4.4c 19278


  • Add, A Botton for Automatic detection of active products
  • Add, ability to resize the folder list
  • AxRM is now signed by an AXEL certificate
  • Fixed random problem in case of multiple local IP address
  • Addition of explicit labels for TFTP errors
  • Fixed on “Run Cmde from autoconf file” the “external file” didn’t working well
  • Modification to avoid an error when sending a setup including the character ” ‘ “
  • Various minor corrections


  • Add a desktop state (connected or not)
  • Add a green icon if connected


  • Add a message when name is modified and a SSA file is attached.


  • Increase the number of simultaneously detectable products by SNMP (5000)
  • Added Request number = Infinite + time between 2 requests (Mn)

REMOTE CONTROL (AxViewer V1.2f – 19241)

  • Fixed to send CTRL ALT … sequences from the windows menu.